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export champion

  • We are proud to be recognized and accredited as a distinguished UK export champion by the renowned UK Department for International Trade

  • Our direct access to leading manufacturers empowers us to procure the finest supplies from reputable sources across the UK, EU, and global markets.

  • Strategically located on the outskirts of London, we are positioned to swiftly acquire high-quality products, enhancing efficiency and reducing delivery times.

  • With in-depth knowledge of licensing, customs declarations, and duties, we provide expert guidance on export procedures, ensuring compliance and smooth transactions for our valued clients.

  • Committed to reducing exporting expenses results in increased profitability for our clients, enabling them to maximize their returns.

  • Through our collaborations with specialized logistics partners, we offer cost-effective and reliable export solutions, ensuring seamless delivery to destinations worldwide. 

  • We offer an extensive range of packaging options designed to meet the diverse needs of exporting various types of cargo. Our packaging solutions provide optimal protection to ensure the safety and integrity of your goods during both domestic and international transportation.

  • When it comes to exporting Hazardous Dangerous Goods, we offer comprehensive documentation services for their transportation via Air, Sea, Road, and Rail. Our trusted partners are highly experienced in ensuring strict compliance with regulations such as IATA, ICAO, IMO, UN, HSE, and DETR. With our expert assistance, you can have peace of mind knowing that your Dangerous Goods will be packed and shipped in a secure and fully compliant manner.

  • With our extensive experience in international markets, we possess the knowledge and expertise to handle the correct documentation required for importers. Whether it's the United Kingdom EUR1 Certificate, SASO Certificate, Airway Bills, Certificate of Origin or Bills of Ladin, we understand the importance of these documents. Rest assured, our team is well-equipped to handle all the necessary paperwork accurately and efficiently.

Bentech UK offers a diverse range of shipping options tailored to meet your specific requirements based on weight, size, and urgency. We understand the importance of flexibility and choice when it comes to shipping your goods. Below, we provide an overview of the available shipping options to give you a glimpse of our comprehensive services.

Air freight

With our air freight (CPT) service, we handle the shipment until it reaches your chosen airport as un-cleared goods. You will then be notified to arrange customs clearance

Courier service

We offer reliable courier transport services through renowned providers such as DHL, FedEx, Royal Mail, and Aramex, ensuring a convenient "door to door" service. This method is often the most economical and efficient for small items. Additionally, we provide the option to arrange collection using your own account, allowing you to maintain visibility and control over your shipping costs. 

Collection (Ex/Works)

You have the flexibility to arrange your own collection through your preferred courier or freight partner directly from our warehouse. This option gives you full control over the shipment, allowing you to manage it according to your preferences and ensuring peace of mind throughout the process.

Sea Freight 

This cost-effective shipping option is ideal for transporting heavy and large goods globally, with longer transit times. We have strong working relationships with the largest ocean carriers in the world, which enables us to offer flexible routing and multiple ocean transportation options for both part container (LCL) and full container (FCL) movements



Seller provides goods for collection at their premises, and buyer takes responsibility for transport, duties, and taxes thereafter.


Seller provides goods to buyer's carrier for export. Buyer assumes responsibility for transport, duties, and taxes thereafter.


Seller covers costs until the cargo is loaded onto ship, container, or aircraft. Buyer assumes responsibility for transport, duties, and taxes thereafter.


Seller covers transport costs to the specified border point of arrival. From that point onward, the buyer assumes responsibility for transport, duties, and taxes associated with the shipment.


The seller takes responsibility for delivering the goods, covering the associated costs, to a designated carrier or another nominated party. During this process, the seller assumes all risks, including the risk of loss, until the goods are safely in the care of the nominated party.


Similar to CPT, the seller delivers goods to a designated destination, assuming all risks. Additionally, the seller covers insurance costs for the shipment to the specified destination.


Seller covers costs until arrival at the foreign port. Buyer assumes responsibility for transport, duties, and taxes from that point onward.


Seller covers cost, insurance, and freight transport to the named port of destination, including export clearance and necessary documents. Buyer is responsible for unloading and import clearance at the port of destination.


The seller is responsible for arranging the carriage and delivery of the goods to the buyer. The goods are cleared for import, and all applicable taxes and duties, such as VAT or GST, are paid by the seller.


The seller covers the costs of delivering the goods to the buyer's location. The buyer is responsible for customs clearance, as well as paying any applicable duties and taxes associated with the importation of the goods.


The seller covers the transportation costs to the specified point of unloading. From that point onward, the buyer assumes responsibility for transport, as well as any duties and taxes associated with the shipment.


Seller delivers goods to buyer's location, covering the packaging, documentation, export approvals, loading, freight charges and delivery. Buyer is responsible for customs clearance, import duties, taxes, and associated charges at the final destination.

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